Dream Hatching

Reconnect to the LifeForce.

Dream Hatching is a spiritual, heart-centered process that weaves ancient wisdom, biomimicry (observing nature and applying it to human situations), eco-feminist philosophy, and practical tools for modern life.

Dream Hatching moves in synch with the organic, cyclical timing of the seasons, following the metaphor of nesting and gestation as a model for birthing our dream.

Fall: Find your flock  |   Follow your bliss

Winter: Embrace Silence and Dormancy  |  Call & Response: Dancing with the Divine

Spring: Nesting – Creating space for your Dream |  Brooding | Hatching | Nurturing

Summer: Fledging — Getting off the ground  |  Soaring: Catching the thermals

Dream Hatching embodies the Sacred Feminine in its most creative, powerful form: Birthing. Your Dream emerges from you – from your story, your values, from your soul’s calling. It is not a quick fix. With Dream Hatching we step back from the manic busyness of the modern world, and retune to our own instinctual knowing. We engage in disciplined receptivity, where we don’t grab what we want from life, in fierce and callous competition with others – but instead develop a trust in the benevolent force that conspires with us to manifest a life beyond our Wildest Dreams.

Give Birth to Your Wildest Dreams.

Dream Hatching offers a radically different way to live, more in tune with our soul’s purpose.

In Finding Your Flock you learn to show up fully and with deep authenticity. Your Dream doesn’t happen at the expense of others, so you’re free to “flock together” for a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and peer support.

Letting go frees us from attachments that tether us and weigh us down.

Embracing Silence and dormancy unplugs us from the artificial rhythms of culture and recalibrates our pace to organic timing.

Call & Response is the essence of Dream Hatching. As the male bird calls out, the female bird responds to signal her receptivity. Dream Hatching consciously invites a Sacred Union with the Divine and activates a powerful, co-creative relationship. When we “get out of the way,” resources show up out of nowhere. Doors open. Synchronicity and miracles happen. From this co-mingling, our Dream becomes a Sacred endeavor, even if it becomes a source of income. Dream Hatching is based on my own experiences of co-creating.

In the same way that combining a feminine egg with the masculine sperm creates a whole new being, Dream Hatching unites Feminine and Masculine energy to create a Dream that takes on a life of its own.

Once you feel a Quickening from this union, you must create space for it in your life. You are “expecting.” Just as human parents begin preparing a nursery before the baby is born, one must create an environment in which our Dream can thrive, even before there is any physical manifestation of it. It hasn’t come into form yet.

In the Brooding or gestation stage, we sit with our idea. We keep it warm. We give it time to develop its heart and find its wings.

Our hatchling may not resemble the soaring Dream we’ve been envisioning, but if we stay with it and nourish it, our Dream will soon be soaring.

If you’d like to embark on this journey in support of a Dream or to kindle a new one, click here to find out how you can participate in a Dream Hatching workshop.

If you’d like to know more about me and how I came to develop the Dream Hatching model, find me at www.constancemears.com



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